Community trails are coming to Bay Shore…

Downtown Bay Shore has flourished over the past several years. It is embraced by culture, history and flora. These aspects bring life, activity and positive energy to the town and also reinforce a sense of community.

The Bay Shore Wellness Alliance proposes to embellish our model community by adding another dimension, wellness. The incorporation of wellness trails throughout the downtown area would serve to:

* promote exercise and general wellness.

*provide additional venues in the community for exercise and wellness celebrations.

*demonstrate the community’s values for healthy living.

*be a model for other towns and to emulate.

*bring more community member to downtown.

The trails will highlight the treasures of our town: the bay, the commerce, and its rich history. To that end, we propose the creation of three thematic trails; nautical, historical, and window shopper. Commencing at he same point, each trail will differ in distance and will lead to one of the following destinations:

*Nautical Walk – Bay Shore Marina, Great South Bay

*Historical Walk

*Window Shoppers Walk – The Heart of Main Street

The Bay Shore Wellness Alliance has advanced $5,000.00 to start this project. As we move forward, there will be sponsorship opportunities available. If you are interested, or would like more information, please contact the Bay Shore Wellness Alliance via this website.

Our Goal: $5,000.00

April 15, 2010

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