Healthier Families Program is coming to Bay Shore

A brief history of the ‘Healthier Families Program’
In January of 2008, Janine DiNatale initiated the program for the students of South Country & Gardiner Manor Schools whose BMIs were access of the 96th percentile. She utilized a model employed at Huntington Hospital by Dr. Thomas J. McDonough, its Pediatric Chief.
We had a three year hiatus. In retrospect, Dr. Caracci felt strongly that the program was important and should be started again. Over time Dr. Caracci was able to attract the interest of members of Good Samaritan Hospital. The Hospital’s Foundation later provided funding. Key players were Cathy Davis, RoseAnn DeLuca, Jill Bocchieri, Dr. Cathy Carbonia, Kenneth Long [admin] and Dr. V. William Caracci. Bay Shore Wellness Alliance received the District’s [Peter Dion] blessing and Ted Nagengast and Claude Kasman became part of the planning and management team. Most of this took place 2010-2011. The program’s new start was in the fall of 2012, residing in the Middle School. It has continued annually since.
January 25, 2012

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