3rd Annual Bunny Hop Walk

Bunny Hop

On April 7th, Bay Shore Wellness Alliance, Good Samaritan Hospital and the Bay Shore Schools teamed up to sponsor Bay Shore’s 3rd Annual Bunny Hop Walk. Over 150 participants showed up to walk the mile long Main Street trail, with the children stopping to collect prize-filled eggs, provided by Good Samaritan Hospital, along the way. At the end of the walk, kids posed for pictures with the Easter Bunny (Marilyn Mott in the Bay Shore Wellness Alliance sponsored Bunny Hop Suit). Leading the Walk were Bay Shore teachers/coaches M. BorkowskiL. Brennen and one of the Wellness Alliance founders Dr. V. William Caracci. Also in attendance were Bay Shore Board of Education Vice-President Mary Louise Cohen, Bay Shore Schools Director of Health & Physical Education Claude Kasman, community and parent volunteers J. Edwards and G. Bellando and student volunteers Service Honor Society and the Interact Club. Thanks also go out to the Bay Shore Community for their participation, specifically Dr. Steve Gervasio, the YES Program and Good Samaritan Hospital.

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April 7, 2013

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