The “Color Splash”

The Color Splash Fun Run is a two kilometer long paint race that will take place at Bay Shore High School. This event has no winners or prizes, but runners are showered with colored powder at six stations along the run. It is going to be awesome! Come along!!!

Tips for Running in a “Color Splash”

Not a runner? Not a problem. This is a run, not a race.
Keep your mouth closed.
Protect your eyes. The colored cornstarch really is non-toxic, but it does sting a little if you get it in your eyes.
Tuck some tissues in your pocket.
Dress the part. White shirts are the standard uniform for any color event, but there are so many outfit choices that allow you to make a totally awesome statement as you blast your way through the showers of color.
Grab a few friends. It’s just more fun with a friend, and besides, you’ll need someone who loves you enough to tell you when your teeth are green with pink spots.
These colors do run. The colors will sit on your shirt like a fine mist until they are met with water.
Plan for a thorough scrubbing… some of the colors seem to want to party a little longer than others.
Protect your car. Unless you are walking to the run, you are probably going to have to put your colored self back in your car at some point.  A towel or sheet over the seat will ensure that all the color stays on you and off of your car.
Create a colorful souvenir. You will want to remember the colorful chaos of your day and while pictures are a must, you can also save your race shirt as a splendid reminder that you are awesome enough to run around letting people pelt you with colored dust.

May 7, 2015

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