The World’s Famous Harlem Wizards Rocked the House!

The Harlem Wizards is a high-flying, basketball-themed entertainment group that has been entertaining audiences worldwide since 1962. They didn’t disappoint Bay Shore community and kids on May 1st, 2023. Their electrifying performance on the court, showcasing an array of trick, hoops and alley oops was hilarious. Their on floor comedy routines were legendary.

The Wizards’ team (King Arthur) of highly skilled basketball players, entertained Bay Shore crowd of all ages with their unique brand of basketball. Between the volunteers, students, parents, teachers, staff and community members close to 700 people came to see Bay Shore Dream Team’s Joe ‘Dunk-tor’ Lemke, Steve ‘The Commissioner’ Gordon, Mike ‘Magic’ Longo, Jackie ‘Lights Out’ Pasquerella, Judy ‘Slam Dunk’ Condon, Osie ‘OT3’ Turner and Mark ‘Spike it’ Jensen to name a few, play against the Wizards.

Whether you were a die-hard basketball fan or simply looking for a fun and entertaining night out, the Harlem Wizards surely delivered a great, one of kind, family friendly basketball performance. Their high-energy performances left us amazed and entertained.

Teaming up this year with all of the PFAs (High School, Middle School, South Country, Gardiner Manor, 5th Ave., Brook Ave. and M.G.C.) was fantastic! As always big thank you to our district administration, board of education members, security and custodial staff for accommodation and patience. The World’s Famous Harlem Wizards truly rocked the house … with tricks, hoops and alley oops, it was a great night.

May 2, 2023

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