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Judith A. Cummings, MS, SDA

Judy Cummings joined the Bay Shore Wellness Alliance in 1997 as one of its founding members. At the time, Judy was a physical educator at the Middle School of the Bay Shore School District. She was one of the visionaries of the innovative programs the Wellness Alliance would come to be identified with in the ensuing years. Her dedication and devotion, her hard working approach to whatever she set out to do, made her a pillar of determination and role model to all who know her. Currently she has almost single-handedly moved the “Community Walking Trails” project by making numerous presentations to various civic groups and organizations, town officials, and anyone else who was willing to listen. She not only did this, but in doing so gained their enthusiasm and support.

What follows are some of her achievements:

Degrees from Aldelphi, Stony Brook and Long Island Universities.

Adjunct – Adelphi & Hofstra Universities

Assistant Director – Health, Physical Education, Athletics & Nursing

Physical Education Teacher & Instructional Supervisor

Chairperson, District Wellness Policy Development

Bay Shore-Brightwaters COMPASS coordinator

Bay Shore Wellness Alliance/Founding Member/School District Liaison

Chairperson, BSWA Middle School Interdisciplinary Wellness Trail Project

Chairperson, BSWA Family Fall Fest/Fun Runs

Chairperson. BSWA Community Walking Trails Project

Chairperson, Seven Schools District Wellness Council

Co-chairperson, SC Council of Administrators, PE Directors

President, NYS AHPERD Physical Education Council

Board Member, NYS AHPERD Suffolk Zone Executive Board

Chairperson, NYS AHPERD Publicity

Member, Stony Brook Heart Links Advisory Board

Member, Children’s Health & Safety Collaborative

Member, AIESEP-World Sport Science Congress

NYSNA-LI School Nutrition Challenge Judge

Adelphi University Ruth Skinner Alumni Award

SCOPE Leadership Award

NYS APHERD Suffolk Zone Outstanding Professional Award

LI Suffolk County COMPASS Award

Heart Smart Curriculum Administrator Recognition

Crista McAuliffe Fellowship Nominee

CHASE Grant Recipient

NASPE Rollerblade Grant Recipient

Janine Campisi DiNatale

Janine joined the Bay Shore Wellness Alliance in  early 2004. In the five plus years of her involvement however she contributed greatly to the efforts of the organization. Utilizing her creative & graphic design expertise, and in partnership with the Wellness Alliance, Good Samaritan and Southside Hospitals she  developed a unique program which she labeled “Wellness Across America”. In an attempt to minimize the communication gap with parents on matters of wellness, she designed colorful cartooned newsletters heavy with information on health, wellness and proper nutrition that were widely distributed to students and their parents utilizing the schools as conduits. This program won accolades and was subsequently duplicated in other school districts and communities.

With the cooperation of specialized healthcare professionals, and after study and research, Janine also initiated a twelve week intervention program which targeted high risk obese children [BMIs greater than the 95th per centile]. The program was welcomed by the parents who were involved. Janine invested a great of her time and energy in structuring and managing the program. She won the gratitude of both the students and the parents involved.

Janine has also been an articulate spokesperson on wellness and the need for early intervention. She has been invited to a number of seminars to relate her experiences working with the Wellness Alliance and the Wellness Across America program.

Janine has also been blessed with a wonderful singing voice, and has sung professionally in collaboration with top flight instrumentalists for some twenty five years. She has combined her talent with her exceptional communicative abilities to teach music history, as well as to increase awareness of dangerous health problems such as AIDS. She has frequently donated her services to various charitable causes.

Degrees in advertising art & design – Farmingdale State University and The School of Visual Arts.

Managing Partner/Creative Director – Simbrom Campisi & Associates

Founder & President – Wellness Across America

Member, Bay Shore-Brightwaters Chamber of Commerce

Member, Bay Shore Wellness Alliance

Ex. VP, Bay Shore Schools Arts Education Fund

Member, Bay Shore-Brightwaters Summit Council

Co-Chairperson, Bay Shore-Brightwaters COMPASS

Bay Shore-Brightwaters Webmaster

Member, Islip Town Council Board of Directors

Member, Bay Shore MGP Task Force

Recipient of more than twenty awards for her professional work in advertising art & marketing, and for her talents as a professional vocalist























March 25, 2010

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