Bay Shore Wellness Alliance celebrates 15 years since its formation!

On the 19th of this month, the Bay Shore Wellness Alliance notes the 15th

year since its formation. On that date fifteen years ago, members of Good

Samaritan HospitalSouthside Hospital, the Bay Shore Schools, the Health

Department and local citizens came together at the Bay School Middle School, and agreed to work together to develop programs aimed at the youth of the School District and the community, primarily with the purpose of educating our youth early in their development to healthy life styles and disease prevention. as well as to providing them with facilities [i.e. wellness

centers, trails, etc.] in which to learn and execute these disciplines on a

regular basis. Most of Wellness Alliance’s initiatives since that time have

been accomplished, but it recognizes that there is still a great deal more

to accomplish, and continues to seek the support of its membership and



May 19, 2012

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